Horrible Horse Crimes | Cyanide & Happiness Monday Mashup

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  1. Arman Rehab

    Arman Rehab

    Acum 3 Zile

    How in the world was the XBOX was in the horse

  2. Arturo Pelcastre Jiménez

    Arturo Pelcastre Jiménez

    Acum 3 Zile

    1:22 A classic

  3. Jotaro Kujo

    Jotaro Kujo

    Acum 7 Zile

    Birthday kid’s dad is a German Spy

  4. Muhd Danish88

    Muhd Danish88

    Acum 27 Zile

    The last one how we must teach kid this day

  5. Bald Chicken

    Bald Chicken

    Acum lună

    Is this a sneak peek of Saw IX

  6. Blue Knuckles is back

    Blue Knuckles is back

    Acum lună

    2:30 I dont think hes gonna play that xbox now

  7. wildcraft Lover Jackson

    wildcraft Lover Jackson

    Acum 2 luni


  8. Logan H

    Logan H

    Acum 2 luni

    Is that Disney World or is just Disneyland

  9. JAY


    Acum 3 luni


  10. Bloxy Menace

    Bloxy Menace

    Acum 3 luni

    Poor horse, well at least it's taller

  11. dragonanimekid


    Acum 3 luni

    That poor horse 😥😥😥

  12. Vincent G

    Vincent G

    Acum 3 luni


  13. Fat Cat

    Fat Cat

    Acum 4 luni

    That poor horse

  14. Warghost


    Acum 4 luni

    Sounds like an xbox kid alright.

  15. Robert Morrissey

    Robert Morrissey

    Acum 4 luni

    Why haven’t they done one about Greeks or Egyptians?

  16. Ashton Wolf

    Ashton Wolf

    Acum 4 luni

    Screaming Carousel Horseses?! Whoa someone call the SCP Squad Asap!!!!!

  17. Jonalie Dominice

    Jonalie Dominice

    Acum 4 luni

    Worst dad ever ruined the birthday

  18. Trevor Henderson Productions

    Trevor Henderson Productions

    Acum 4 luni

    Wait on the one that said birthday boy and the Xbox is in the horse how is the horse still alive

  19. a face you can trust

    a face you can trust

    Acum 4 luni

    The second short was... horrific

  20. Raphael Ozeigbe

    Raphael Ozeigbe

    Acum 4 luni

    0:58 is it just me or does that sign say "for reasons we do not remember"

  21. BuddyPlaysAndVlogs


    Acum 4 luni

    I'm a pacifist and if I see a real pony get killed I'm going to pack my fist in yo face

  22. BuddyPlaysAndVlogs


    Acum 4 luni

    F U For doing that to the pony

  23. Acum 4 luni

    2:16 skyrim belong to the nords

  24. Princess Kenny

    Princess Kenny

    Acum 4 luni

    Did you notice that the cake the kids were eating was actually chocolate but the cake the kid takes the knife out of is vanilla?

  25. TWOM


    Acum 4 luni

    Thought the horse and wagon was gonna become a car runned by "Horse" power

  26. LittlePwnageMusicFan 1337

    LittlePwnageMusicFan 1337

    Acum 4 luni

    Horses make me think about centaurs.

  27. noah blaker

    noah blaker

    Acum 5 luni


  28. Messiah Singleton

    Messiah Singleton

    Acum 5 luni

    That dad was mean

  29. Arlene Johnson

    Arlene Johnson

    Acum 5 luni

    Pony poisoning

  30. NOT hqck3r

    NOT hqck3r

    Acum 5 luni

    1 like for the bourse that was killed



    Acum 5 luni

    Last one was AWESOME BEST DAD EVER

  32. Jordyn Palmer

    Jordyn Palmer

    Acum 5 luni

    The second one was just horrifying

  33. RC bois

    RC bois

    Acum 5 luni

    Haista paska

  34. The Thing

    The Thing

    Acum 5 luni

    Has anyone else notice that all the kids that are boys are bald.... Cancer has ruined us

  35. LEE-MAN 64

    LEE-MAN 64

    Acum 5 luni

    How did I the dad get the Xbox inside the pony in the first place?

  36. Alexzander Jeune

    Alexzander Jeune

    Acum 5 luni

    Just one question how did the xblocks get in the pony

  37. TonyMon World

    TonyMon World

    Acum 5 luni

    Who watched them

  38. Cooking with Care

    Cooking with Care

    Acum 5 luni

    They should have put the birthday party one on the cool kids bad dads Monday mashup



    Acum 5 luni

    Is the party rad enough for you now birthday boy

  40. Toast Face

    Toast Face

    Acum 5 luni

    I'm just too Mexican to watch dis $h!t

  41. Kanal çati haber bülteni

    Kanal çati haber bülteni

    Acum 5 luni

    how did the horse even lived normally with a box iside of it??

  42. Jack Everton

    Jack Everton

    Acum 5 luni

    Clip number two is how you find out if you’re friend is a psychopath, if he smiles you have a problem, if he chuckles you need to call someone, and if he burst out laughingly on his back on the floor.....YOU. NEEED TO. RUN!!!

  43. Meaow meaow Sang

    Meaow meaow Sang

    Acum 5 luni

    1:02 What?

  44. JoNatHan K

    JoNatHan K

    Acum 5 luni

    What was he born on April 1st?

  45. That wendys Mattered

    That wendys Mattered

    Acum 5 luni

    Be careful what you ask for, is that the lesson? 😶

  46. Kurt H

    Kurt H

    Acum 5 luni

    omg the horse! lmao

  47. Thomas Wood

    Thomas Wood

    Acum 5 luni

    The dad sounds like a retired villan.

  48. Katia Balane

    Katia Balane

    Acum 5 luni


  49. mr. vince

    mr. vince

    Acum 5 luni

    WAIT how did the x bocks get inside?

  50. Crystals Texas Randomness

    Crystals Texas Randomness

    Acum 5 luni

    🐎 🐎



    Acum 5 luni

    My question its... How the birthday boy dad put xbocks inside horse?

  52. leo fnaf

    leo fnaf

    Acum 5 luni

    I fell bad for the horse

  53. king kaspars

    king kaspars

    Acum 5 luni


  54. _Clueusite _

    _Clueusite _

    Acum 5 luni

    What problems do they have with horses actually?!

  55. Logan Krieger

    Logan Krieger

    Acum 5 luni

    He’s never asking for anything from him again lmaoo

  56. Eric Auzenet

    Eric Auzenet

    Acum 5 luni

    T’es méchant

  57. Jono Larking

    Jono Larking

    Acum 5 luni

    I'm sorry that was just screwed up I expected to see something funny

  58. Christine Young

    Christine Young

    Acum 5 luni

    That is very violent that my son needs therapy!

  59. Adonis B

    Adonis B

    Acum 5 luni

    Animal abuse where is the aspca fr😭😭

  60. Nethulator. UG

    Nethulator. UG

    Acum 5 luni

    Peta is not happy about this

  61. sormiskeitti PROO

    sormiskeitti PROO

    Acum 5 luni


  62. sormiskeitti PROO

    sormiskeitti PROO

    Acum 5 luni


  63. sormiskeitti PROO

    sormiskeitti PROO

    Acum 5 luni


  64. kittycat 123

    kittycat 123

    Acum 5 luni


    • kittycat 123

      kittycat 123

      Acum 5 luni


  65. Teasha Gang

    Teasha Gang

    Acum 5 luni


  66. Mr. Pirrana

    Mr. Pirrana

    Acum 5 luni

    This also fits with the cool kids and bad dads



    Acum 5 luni

    My the episode s longer

  68. Diego Perez

    Diego Perez

    Acum 5 luni

    Dad: an antidote Everyone in the universe: IS IT A CURE FOR CORONA?!? Just imagine the poison was Corona ok

  69. Trollface Killa

    Trollface Killa

    Acum 5 luni

    PETA disapproves of this short

  70. Наруто Узумаки

    Наруто Узумаки

    Acum 5 luni

    I stupidly do not understand not a word, because I do not know English😂

  71. JAsuncion Rodriguez

    JAsuncion Rodriguez

    Acum 6 luni

    *PETA storms in* Hold your horses

  72. AD4M AMV

    AD4M AMV

    Acum 6 luni

    This is one of my favourite monday mashups

  73. Lacking Gnat

    Lacking Gnat

    Acum 6 luni

    Today I learned that these people are really good at making horses give people nightmares.

  74. Birdy BathTime

    Birdy BathTime

    Acum 6 luni

    The heck!! These are messed up

  75. im going to troll you hard 2

    im going to troll you hard 2

    Acum 6 luni

    The dad is jigsaw

  76. King nugent

    King nugent

    Acum 6 luni

    That was messed up

  77. Agustina garcia

    Agustina garcia

    Acum 6 luni

    ajja carajo

  78. Luke769 Animations

    Luke769 Animations

    Acum 6 luni

    Jesus Christ

  79. Thendoplayz games

    Thendoplayz games

    Acum 6 luni

    The 2nd one was too dark

  80. sanana the banana

    sanana the banana

    Acum 6 luni

    It s si silly

  81. Jerry The Wanterbanal

    Jerry The Wanterbanal

    Acum 6 luni

    2:01 Sounds Like Ganon Voice

  82. Michael Mccloskey-Ooi

    Michael Mccloskey-Ooi

    Acum 6 luni

    The last one has lost its shock factor for me but the second one is just a new level like the detail and expression on the horse's face.

  83. Over 233

    Over 233

    Acum 6 luni

    This is how you right Xbox not xbocks

  84. ADOG 5298

    ADOG 5298

    Acum 6 luni

    They make everything that's innocence into something horrible I like that:-)

  85. Cream Potato

    Cream Potato

    Acum 6 luni

    Thats enough internet for today...

  86. [creative username]

    [creative username]

    Acum 6 luni

    What did we learn? Respect what you get from your birthday is it cloths? Isnt money it doesent matter atleast u get something

  87. Brick à Brack Studio

    Brick à Brack Studio

    Acum 6 luni

    RIP 🐴

  88. Kirby Arce

    Kirby Arce

    Acum 6 luni

    Those kids got traumatized at the carasale

  89. Big boy Also a good boy

    Big boy Also a good boy

    Acum 6 luni

    That second one makes me so sad

  90. Lillie fnaf Sandy YT

    Lillie fnaf Sandy YT

    Acum 6 luni

    Why would the dad said kill the pony?

  91. Marzhmellow69x #69

    Marzhmellow69x #69

    Acum 6 luni


  92. CheshireJinx


    Acum 6 luni

    Birthday Boy actually gives a lesson to work hard for what you want. It is directed to spoiled kids XD

  93. smashing destroyer

    smashing destroyer

    Acum 6 luni

    Ah yes you ate a poison

  94. Ricardo Louis

    Ricardo Louis

    Acum 6 luni

    Horse torture 0:53

  95. Spencer Lukay

    Spencer Lukay

    Acum 6 luni


  96. Wyatt Wistrom

    Wyatt Wistrom

    Acum 6 luni

    The main idea of Birthday boy It’s what’s inside that counts

  97. The Spontaneous Axolotl

    The Spontaneous Axolotl

    Acum 6 luni

    How did the dad get the Xbox into the horse in the first place?

  98. Liana H

    Liana H

    Acum 6 luni

    I don't like that there are enough horse crimes in cianide and happiness episodes to make a compilation

  99. Napoleon Complex

    Napoleon Complex

    Acum 6 luni

    I just love the expressions of the background kids after the reveal in Birthday Boy. The jaw drop and the double take at the end were nice touches.

  100. Luis Cabrera

    Luis Cabrera

    Acum 6 luni