DOES EINSTEIN BELONG IN HELL? - Purgatony Presents: Dead Air | Episode 4

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Tony interviews Albert Einstein and discovers an afterlife mix-up caused by Chad Bradley!
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  1. stephanie_barrett


    Acum 3 Zile

    Umm ... Oppenheimer invented Nuclear weapons. Einstein just described the underlying physics. A quote from Oppenheimer: "I am become death, destroyer of worlds"

  2. Autistic Vlogs TV

    Autistic Vlogs TV

    Acum 3 Zile


  3. Erik Åstedt

    Erik Åstedt

    Acum 11 Zile

    The sad part is people still believe the old propagandera and think nuclear power is something bad.

  4. Drdoom86 Li

    Drdoom86 Li

    Acum lună

    Onestly I want pugertory to come nback

  5. mrhoustonn


    Acum lună

    Damn, I've seen some 95% of cyanide and happiness content and never bat an eye, but depicting geniuses that worked their entire lives to humanity's improvement such Einstein and Darwin as complete idiots is just cringe fest for me. You ppl forget there are actual complete idiots out there who will take information they have seen in a cartoon at face value, specially if they are already inclined to find a stupid reason to hate science already. Not funny.

  6. Micheal C

    Micheal C

    Acum lună

    Chad Bradley back to mess with Tony and even Einstein said Chad Bradley was right wow.

  7. Yis Pinto

    Yis Pinto

    Acum lună

    That explains while death doesn't get rid of tony he's siper monotizing

  8. Killings my Priority

    Killings my Priority

    Acum lună

    I was really hoping for Albert Einstein would have some nazi views

  9. Twilight Sparkle

    Twilight Sparkle

    Acum lună

    Chad Bradley is the intro announcer lol

  10. John Lockman

    John Lockman

    Acum 2 luni

    14 thousandth like! So yeah basically first

  11. Bottack


    Acum 2 luni

    Vye dous Albert sound German

  12. Jose Gonzalez

    Jose Gonzalez

    Acum 2 luni

    Chad Bradly you don’t understand why Albert Einstein made the atomic bomb well it was because he was worried about Germany using the atomic bomb ok

  13. sykocode


    Acum 2 luni

    This episode is so degrading to such a great scientist

  14. cunty wunty

    cunty wunty

    Acum 2 luni

    Does Einstein belone in hell Nein Im saying german translatuon for no because Einsteins last word were in german and he said them to a nurse that didn't speak german Have a nice day

  15. Christian roy malaga Quiatchon

    Christian roy malaga Quiatchon

    Acum 2 luni

    Why does einstein sound like a german

    • Prince Marth

      Prince Marth

      Acum 2 luni

      Because he was originally from Germany

  16. Tim Leslie

    Tim Leslie

    Acum 3 luni

    I was a very emo child Tony😂

  17. Salvatore


    Acum 3 luni

    hmm albert enstein more like albert nein-STEIN

  18. Cody Redmon

    Cody Redmon

    Acum 3 luni

    who gives a shit idc best line

  19. Retro Steampunk

    Retro Steampunk

    Acum 3 luni

    This is like blaming people who make guns for the deaths related to the gun

  20. Hehe Haha

    Hehe Haha

    Acum 3 luni


  21. Michelle Aclan

    Michelle Aclan

    Acum 3 luni

    Is it only me or does Einstein sound like the Jizzems guy in episode 6? 🤔

  22. Anya Johnson

    Anya Johnson

    Acum 4 luni

    Can I say “I love you!” ? Because “I love you!” You’re my bbbeeeeessssttt friend.....

  23. BrianMayrules 6413

    BrianMayrules 6413

    Acum 4 luni

    You guys should do freddie mercury

  24. lion the

    lion the

    Acum 4 luni

    I just watch every video to give them ad revenue

  25. Hatdog Man

    Hatdog Man

    Acum 4 luni

    Make more purgatony episodes please!!!!

  26. Akorn


    Acum 4 luni

    Chad Bradley is my spirit animal y’all

  27. azatecas


    Acum 4 luni

    I miss the episodes

  28. kingofatlantistv


    Acum 4 luni

    Poor Einstein 😢

  29. Gak R

    Gak R

    Acum 4 luni

    This isn’t bringing back purgatony this is making fun of podcasts



    Acum 5 luni

    Chad Bradley is actually bad at his job? Makes sense.

  31. Polite Cat

    Polite Cat

    Acum 5 luni

    1:20 instant giveaway that he is actually trolley tom!

  32. Will Graves

    Will Graves

    Acum 5 luni

    No hanky OR panky?! Well sheeeeeeiiiiit.....

  33. Mar Vert Neyra

    Mar Vert Neyra

    Acum 5 luni


  34. UND3R 5C0R3

    UND3R 5C0R3

    Acum 5 luni

    Right when the skeleton says "The sponsor you fool" a notification censored fool

  35. Coconut Boi

    Coconut Boi

    Acum 5 luni

    When is Stephen Hawking coming

  36. Alexander Rivera

    Alexander Rivera

    Acum 5 luni

    Would love to see tony interview chris from Good Morning from hell.

  37. wyndwolf1


    Acum 5 luni

    Edgar Allan Poe interview...

  38. Nevo Krien

    Nevo Krien

    Acum 5 luni

    This is so unrelated to reality. But funy

  39. Scooby Da Dawg

    Scooby Da Dawg

    Acum 5 luni

    Nuclear Power is sooooo bad for the environment xdxd

  40. Sheikh Arif

    Sheikh Arif

    Acum 5 luni

    Well Albert Einstein has a pretty much generic German voice.

  41. Shukfir


    Acum 5 luni

    In fact Atomic Bomb - is an invention of peace. Only because of nuclear weapon there wasn't Third World War. Everyone knows that in case of nuclear war, all the humanity will be destroyed. That's why we don't have big wars in contemporary world.

  42. Radu Cristescu

    Radu Cristescu

    Acum 5 luni

    So heaven is just a different kind of hell, huh?

  43. BerryVR


    Acum 5 luni

    what did i just watch xD ?

  44. Jonathan Cakar

    Jonathan Cakar

    Acum 5 luni

    Can you do it like season one

  45. Shiftx_ Matthew

    Shiftx_ Matthew

    Acum 5 luni

    I got a question for you Albert Einstein where is your reboot card and where is your grave so I can pick it up and reboot you to find a cure for COVID-19

  46. shiny lucario

    shiny lucario

    Acum 5 luni

    Cant believe it's been more than a year since purgatony started

  47. Ahmet Emin Koçal

    Ahmet Emin Koçal

    Acum 5 luni

    I love putting people on spikes

  48. darknessblade


    Acum 5 luni

    Chat Bradley: THE original Hippy. Since Time is irrelevant We Really need a Episode where Tony gives Chad his Verdict if he goes to Heaven or Hell. Getting the 2 Chad's to Meet up giving Tony Double the suffering. But the Episode ends by having the OG chad DIE, due it causing a paradox that Makes Time Relevant

  49. Dana W

    Dana W

    Acum 5 luni

    He encouraged them because he thought Germany was doing it as well. When he found out they were incapable he expressed great regret.

  50. Hi There! OFFICIAL

    Hi There! OFFICIAL

    Acum 5 luni

    My tounge finding that one peice of food: New pergatony episode My finger trying to find it: *T H I S* Jk this is a *bit* cool

  51. blue cats

    blue cats

    Acum 5 luni


  52. Boris


    Acum 5 luni


  53. BoneYard


    Acum 5 luni

    Why does enstine sound like Edward Richthofen?

  54. TCTS Studios

    TCTS Studios

    Acum 5 luni

    Next Interview: George Floyd

  55. Steven Schaefer

    Steven Schaefer

    Acum 5 luni

    They could have easily done enough research to know that Einstein married his cousin and treated her like absolute shit. So hell shouldn't be too far off actually. Never meet your heroes of history because they're usually garbage people.

  56. Lethal Lyrical Liger

    Lethal Lyrical Liger

    Acum 5 luni

    Me:sure haven't seen Chad,in a while😕 Chad: 2:11😁

  57. M3M3B0T V4.20

    M3M3B0T V4.20

    Acum 5 luni

    tony should interview trolley tom since hes dead in trolly heaven!

  58. Catacus


    Acum 5 luni

    Chad Bradely died in the 80s and Albert Einstien died wayyy before the 80s.... guess thats why they say time is irrelevant and has no meaning

  59. fahd khan

    fahd khan

    Acum 5 luni

    I wanna order spikes where do I order it?

  60. Stranding Shadow

    Stranding Shadow

    Acum 5 luni

    Cause I’m heck a f****** smart lol

  61. Giuseppe Veghen

    Giuseppe Veghen

    Acum 5 luni

    Nikola Tesla was the smartest man Albert Einstein is a murderer.

  62. Jacob Metzler

    Jacob Metzler

    Acum 5 luni

    Yes!!! Tony pergatelli is back!!!

  63. President Elmo

    President Elmo

    Acum 5 luni

    I think it makes sense that they take their genitals away. After all, all men worst things comes from their genitals

  64. TMAS


    Acum 5 luni


  65. Damlush


    Acum 5 luni

    "you wiener schnitzel full of piss....." best...

  66. Masekete Thobejane

    Masekete Thobejane

    Acum 5 luni

    He swears a lot he suppose to go hell

  67. The netherite chocolate bar

    The netherite chocolate bar

    Acum 5 luni

    more Tony!

  68. Muhammad Ali

    Muhammad Ali

    Acum 5 luni

    Ass that feels very bored and breathe bored every time it happens, the breath smells very bad. This is that Mr. Ass does not use toothpaste ##### Don't be like Mr. Ass and use toothpaste ###### this joke has been made by Mo A Clay from Sudan, Khartoum South, Abo Adam, block6 And send my shear by western union.

  69. matthew sargeant

    matthew sargeant

    Acum 5 luni

    Just a thought of when tony douse shenanigans again he meets himself from another timeline.

  70. Andi Muhammad Zul abrar

    Andi Muhammad Zul abrar

    Acum 5 luni

    Do you forget that Albert Einstein has a fascinations of cheating with his cousin like im not even lying tho

    • SadTwink 69

      SadTwink 69

      Acum 5 luni

      @Andi Muhammad Zul abrar I never forgot because I never knew.

  71. Onion Man

    Onion Man

    Acum 5 luni

    Thought the pun would be he he is hell is because he is jew

  72. Colin Conaway

    Colin Conaway

    Acum 5 luni

    Spikes... I need them...

  73. mikael hällen

    mikael hällen

    Acum 5 luni

    Whill the be a second season ??

  74. Ixmore


    Acum 5 luni

    I'm going to build my own afterlife, with blackjack and hookers.

  75. Xác Ướp

    Xác Ướp

    Acum 5 luni

    Haha Tony actually convinced CB

  76. Griffin Engle

    Griffin Engle

    Acum 5 luni

    actually, Robert J. Oppenheimer invented the atomic bomb, yes Albert Einstein had a role in it, but it was mainly Robert.

  77. Anonymous Lvl1

    Anonymous Lvl1

    Acum 5 luni

    I thought Openheimer invented atomic bomb.

  78. VishnuBhrama Shiva

    VishnuBhrama Shiva

    Acum 5 luni

    When will you interview Eipstine?

  79. David C

    David C

    Acum 5 luni

    Pretty much life and afterlife aren’t different. Both pretty much suck if what is portrayed in the IP of Purgatony is actually how it is.

  80. I Animate

    I Animate

    Acum 5 luni

    I love this show

  81. Seba92000


    Acum 5 luni

    finally a staged ad

  82. smlee210


    Acum 5 luni


  83. firenhell02


    Acum 5 luni

    "I'll eat wieners with you Tony!" "ugh f*** off Chad Bradley" Lol

  84. Cas Cas

    Cas Cas

    Acum 5 luni

    We should invent a language that sounds like english with wrong german accent and call it Nazi german.

  85. MTV Gamer 24

    MTV Gamer 24

    Acum 5 luni


  86. Trevor Denison

    Trevor Denison

    Acum 5 luni

    If Chad Bradley is dead, couldn't Tony interview him? That would be a fun podcast to watch. Just a suggestion.

  87. Noman Baig

    Noman Baig

    Acum 5 luni

    I missed Tony 😩

  88. B T

    B T

    Acum 5 luni

    Wo ist mein Schwanz?? 🤣🤣

  89. The Fnaf_Foxy

    The Fnaf_Foxy

    Acum 5 luni

    Steven Hawkins is soon.

  90. SomeoneThatYouMayKnowButDont


    Acum 5 luni


  91. Courtney


    Acum 5 luni

    *Henry VIII* would be awesome. Could even have trouble with wives in the afterlife lol.

  92. OrderOfTheArk


    Acum 5 luni

    Hey explosm youll probably never see or acknowledge this but i prefer the show when it was an actual show instead of whatever podcast thing this is

    • SadTwink 69

      SadTwink 69

      Acum 5 luni

      @OrderOfTheArk The problem is that the shows are expensive to make.

  93. John Shoemaker

    John Shoemaker

    Acum 5 luni

    Lol i love all of this shit!!!

  94. Trapical enrique

    Trapical enrique

    Acum 5 luni

    We need the parctory episodes again:(

  95. Ethan Crispino

    Ethan Crispino

    Acum 5 luni

    Stop 🛑

  96. Johnfuse


    Acum 5 luni

    Einstein going to hell for the nuclear bomb? Einstein just invented the concept, the ones who built it and killed hundreds of thousands of people with was the USA and Einstein was depressed his whole life that they abused his theory for killing people

  97. Harvest Moon Howl

    Harvest Moon Howl

    Acum 5 luni

    Next up: Benito Mossolini! He founded facism but didn't end up becoming the best known for it, and his army got it's ass kicked all over North Africa. We'll get his thoughts on all of that after a message from our sponsor.

  98. Ethan Leonard

    Ethan Leonard

    Acum 5 luni

    His insults are hilarious

  99. kalib hi

    kalib hi

    Acum 5 luni

    Is it just me or Albert Einstein sounds like Adolf Hitler?

  100. Κωνσταντίνος Γεωργίου

    Κωνσταντίνος Γεωργίου

    Acum 5 luni

    Mother Teresa next time!